Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Devins Band Concert

Devin has started playing the trumpet this year and has been doing a great job! He has been second chair since he started. The 6th grade band is so big that the concert is the first time that they all played together. There are over 200 band members and over 30 trumpet players. I think they did a good job. See the video below.

As part of the concert, they asked if one of the parents could go up and play. Sure I'll go. Do you get extra credit for this.-you know your dad ACTUALLY plays the trumpet. Lets just say, I was not the only one just blowing random notes.

It was fun to see Devin perform- Way to go Dev!


Brooke said...

How fun! They sounded great. Devin looks like he's growing up. I still can't believe you moved. Hope all is well and Merry Christmas!

Angie said...

Wow, devin looks all grown up without is glasses. God job on the trumpet playing, those are really cute pictures of the two of you. We miss you guys, I hope you are doing good.