Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Devins Band Concert

Devin has started playing the trumpet this year and has been doing a great job! He has been second chair since he started. The 6th grade band is so big that the concert is the first time that they all played together. There are over 200 band members and over 30 trumpet players. I think they did a good job. See the video below.

As part of the concert, they asked if one of the parents could go up and play. Sure I'll go. Do you get extra credit for this.-you know your dad ACTUALLY plays the trumpet. Lets just say, I was not the only one just blowing random notes.

It was fun to see Devin perform- Way to go Dev!

Devins Band Winter Concert

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salt Lake trip

It has been a while since we have done the downtown tour. We thought we could see everything but there was so much to see, we will have to do it again. The kids could not get over how big everything was up close.

Girl time

Ok, this would look crazy anywhere else but Utah. But we filled up the WHOLE place. Not included are my mom and me and susies little one. It is so rare that I get moments like this. I really relish them when I can. Growing up with a lot of sisters and then having majority boys in your home. Girl time is a must.
At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with Susan and Michelle. Braeden got lost there and nearly caused me to go into full panick mode. Ok, I was there already on the inside- The workers had posted at all the doors and his description was out. After we found him- HIDING!!! Ugh! The sweet workers would see us throughout the place and I guess from his description, would come up and comment-"Oh, is this the boy?", "the little brown shirt boy". We were famous.
My sister Lori took me to the ABBA concert. can I say FLASHBACKS. Ok, I am not that old- but my sister is-he he he. I love their music and we were the "dancing queens".

summer cont...

We had a lot of cousin time. We had to get it in. We were lucky to be able to spend three weeks there. The Dawsons just moved there as well so we had even extra cousins this year. The kids are already talking about going back.
This year was the Bunker reunion. It was fun catching up with the Harris family and all of their new additions. Some great stories were told and memories made. This picture is of my mom. She is telling stories about our ancestors and with this she had photos of them around the pavillion with their names underneath. I wish that I had my video on. I was so mesmorized with the whole thing, not only did I not take videos- I didn't take pictures of ANY of it. Help to all of those who attended. Send me pictures---Please!
At the beginning of the reunion, we had all of the families meet to spend some "gathering" time. We had a giant water slide in Susans back yard. It did not take long for the fun to begin.
I know this is a blurry photo. My camera broke. So all of the photos are from my phone. ugh. At Beckys the kids spent a ton of time on her trampoline. It makes me miss ours. Note to self. Get trampoline.

Summer Fun in Utah

Brittany spent her day off and filled tons of water balloons and made a cousin water fun day. Thanks Brittany!
Seven Peaks was crazy- Braeden went on Everything scary FIRST! Which meant mom had to go on them as well. The drop of doom ones are scary enough, but to watch your little guy do it is even scarier! Devin is getting old enough to go off with the older crowd. I saw glimpses of him throughout the day. They both were having a blast with their cousins.
Moving into our new home for the first time. Mixed emotions there. More on move later.
The last time at the Sienna House. I have a lump in my throat typing so I will move on and post about this later. Still fresh. Boo hoo.

One last culdesac party before we leave Houston. We will miss the kids and my wonderful neighbors so much.